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 Unfinished Adequacy Works

When Adequacy shut down on September 11, 2002, there were a number of stories being researched and written that were never finished or published. A few of them were quite close to maturity and really deserve to be shared with the public at large. Enjoy.

  Galileo was wrong: a laboratory proof
I attend Patrick Henry College, a small liberal arts college in Ohio, the first of its kind for being exclusively geared towards home-schooled students.  Author:
Christopher Christian Gentile

  A Cultural Relativist Examines the Salem Witch Trials
 Author: In a sweeping order this Halloween, Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift signed legislation exhonerating five women executed as witches during the famous Salem witch trials of 1692. Though her intentions are perhaps noble, Swift's actions are little more than yet another example of the moral imperialism that so dominates the American cultural and political landscape today.

  A message from the proprietor
Due to the success of my recent postings and the questionable nature of the current activities here on Adequacy, I've decided it's time for me to take a more active role in the consumer facing work here at Adequacy,and take our success to the next level. My years of industry experience combined with the unmatched wisdom I've gained over the years should whip this site back into shape. For this reason, I will, starting immediately, be producing this little column to stimulate your brain cells, and keep our readers up to date with some of the "behind the scenes" goings-on at, the most controversial site on the Web.  Author:

  Implantable National Identification: Time for a Revolution
 Author: One in twenty adult Americans will be incarcerated in their lifetime.

In 2000, one in every three hundred adults was a victim of violent crime.

A staggering amount of these crimes will go unpunished.
The violators will go unconvicted.
The victims and their families will go on without justice.

America, the greatest nation in the world, is also one of its most violent.

This trend must come to an end. And the only way it can end is with stricter citizen and inhabitant controls.

  Assassinating the US President
Ever thought about assasinating the President of the United States of America? It's not as easy as you might think. Contained below is a detailed analysis of presidential assasination, covering method, motivation, and success/failure rates.  Author:

  Less Courageous Than None
 Author: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a landmark film. Released in 1967, it confronted prejudices head on and challenged movie-goers' assumptions in ways few films have tried since.

  Adequacy Under Attack
Like most USians, the editors of rejoiced when George W. Bush was legitimately and fairly declared our new President-Elect. We believed that this election marked a victory for companies like that compete fairly in the global marketplace. We believed that once again dedication and hard work would be the path to success and riches. We were wrong.  Author:

  Lessons for an SA from 9/11
 Author: In the wake of the tragedy of 9/11, what lessons can a System Administrator learn? This article highlights the bitter lessons of 9/11, and helps you prepare for such disasters.

  Only Pussies Don't Smoke primarily targets adults who are seeking frank and controversial discussion about important issues of the day, but our demographics indicate that we also have a strong following with secondary and even elementary school students. This pleases us at to no end, because we believe that The Truth is a commodity so precious that it can be given no value, and that it does not (and should not) have an age limit. The Truth is far more important than any liberal spin ever will be, and if we can help youngsters learn The Truth, then we have accomplished everything that we have set out to do, and then some.

I have a simple question for Adequacy's youth readership (primarily those age 12 and younger.) Are you smoking? And if your answer is no, why not?.


  XXP: eXtreme eXtreme Programming
 Author: Excitement is spreading about the latest paradigm in software engineering: eXtreme Programming (XP). It is a movement which demands more of its followers than any such re-thinking of our work habits since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. To do eXtreme Programming means total commitment to the practices that make XP work: the Planning Game, Small Releases, Metaphor, and so on. No compromise is allowed in enforcement of these guiding lights, whether it be Continuous Integration of the systems code, or what is perhaps the most controversial of XP's core tenets: pair programming.

Everyone knows that XP works, and that it works better than any all of XP and then, courageously, takes it to another level: not only does XXP insist on Pair Programming, but it allows only a certain kind of pair programming  Mixed Pairs. That's right: ALL programming teams are made up of a man and a woman, a geek and a non-geek, no exceptions.

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