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This is an archive site only. It is no longer maintained. You can not post comments. You can not make an account. Your email will not be read. Please read this page if you have questions.

 Who was Responsible for Adequacy

I know you're probably wondering just who is behind everything on this website, otherwise you wouldn't have clicked this link. Unless perhaps you were somehow tricked into clicking it, that's the only other way I could see you coming to this page. Or I suppose you could have clicked it accidentally. A bit clumsy, aren't you? Anyway, enough with the jibber-jabber, here is the list of people responsible for this site.
  • elby is the superuser on this site, and is the closest thing we have to a pudgy server monkey. You can mail him at "elby at adequacy dot org". He's the appropriate person to contact for any server related issues.
  • Zikzak has abdicated his role as Art Fag. He now limits his involvment to obnoxiously abusing his remaining editorial powers whenever the mood strikes him.
  • Anya is an editor on this site. She is really rather sexy, and all the other editors fancy her. When not editing, she is walking in the woods and being really quite disgustingly rustic.
  • iat is an editor on this site. He is from Newcastle, and so is more to be pitied than censured. He is also extraordinarily well hung.
  • osm is an editor on this site. He is a reclusive, obsessive freak who lives alone with four cats. Years of antidepressant therapy have left him ashamed, naked, and scared.
  • cp has stepped outside but should be back in five minutes.
  • seventypercent is an absurd liberal myth.
  • manifold, all round hero and drugs bucket; also a very arrogant Californian. When he isn't editing adequacy, he is out being a surf bum and hallucinating.
  • jsm is either the master of the universe or Eric Raymond's bitch, depending on the fluctuations of the stock market. He is an editor here.
  • dmg gave up a promising career as an MCSE administrating NT servers and programming in VB at one of the United States' top investment banks. He did this in order to obtain masters degree in Marketing Science. He is now a widely-resepcted technology analyst at a well known brokerage house. He is single and currently resides in the lower east side of Manhattan.
  • nakedac is an editor on this site. Not much is known of her at all, except that she is naked. Which seemed a good qualification for the job to us.
  • Mendax Veritas is an editor here. He is interested in various 'alternative lifestyles', which we really don't want to go into here.
  • em is an editor here. You can mail him here. A life struggling against anglo injustice has made him extremely demanding, perhaps even fussy. He gets annoyed about things like 'diacritics' and 'accute accents', which is a bad sign in itself.
  • Peter "Shoeboy" Johnson has an obsession with feet, but for some reason he turned down a career in chiropody to instead edit here. He is utterly, utterly selfless.
  • perdida, our local leftist agitator and bona fide journalist, uses this page for all the drug-inspired scribblings she can't get published elsewhere.
  • grey area is yet another puzzling personality. We don't know how he became an editor as he has never contributed anything. He is probably some script kiddie who hacked his way to this page, but as he hasn't annoyed us so far we leave him be.
  • jelerial has been an editor for a good long while now, but we've been far too busy to come up with anything clever to say about her.
  • elenchos is writing a short bio which will skip all mention of his military decorations, astounding sexual history, and contributions as a humanist thinker, leaving only a bare outline of his brilliant work in the arts and computing. He enjoys abusing his editor status and editing users' diaries to add insulting editorial notes to them.
  • RobotSlave is a simple sushi chef. He never asked for fame, so fame found him. He has been an editor in good standing for ages and ages.
  • Our Mascot: God's way of torturing mortal men.

That's all for now.

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