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Is paedophilia funny?
I didn't read the linked article, but it should be banned. 37%
Christ's fat cock! 25%
See hen run! See hen parody Radio Times! 37%

Votes: 8

 British comedy: Kiddie Sex Ha Ha

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Jan 05, 2002
As a fan of poorly drawn cartoons, I was amused to discover a highly controversial spoof of Mad magazine...

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As more and more so-called "comedians" are tapping the world's most taboo subject for all its comedic worth, it's pleasing to know that an Internet task-force is out there, ready to satirise satire itself.

Are you ready to read the poorly-drawn controversial Mad magazine spoof? Here you go. It is British, but fortunately it styles itself on an American magazine, so all you fat Yanks should be able to understand it.

There are many other funny jokes on that site, maybe you should read the entire thing compulsively and write about how terrible it is on your favourite web "blog", before quoting all the good jokes from it to your mates down the pub. Just a thought.


Paedophilia is NOT funny (none / 0) (#1)
by Anonymous Reader on Sat Jan 5th, 2002 at 10:11:53 AM PST
Which is why is unafraid to tackle this "humour" with conviction.

--Anonymous Reader #24601


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