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Corollary: What did you learn from Slashdot?
Applications of hot grits. 9%
How to strip and petrify young girls. 2%
*BSD is dying. 14%
Bill Gates is Satan. 7%
Linux is infallible and there are no bugs in it, especially 2.4.11 21%
Just how wide the human sphincter can be stretched. 36%
The nefarious doings of Project Faustus. 7%

Votes: 41

 Educating Miss Adequacy

 Author:  Topic:  Posted:
May 15, 2002
 Comments:'s detractors often claim it is useless as a source of information, because it publishes so much fake news. However, I disagree.

More diaries by because it isnt
Yet more hacking in Open Source software
British comedy: Kiddie Sex Ha Ha
The truth finally comes out.
Reasons to be thankful.
My phone has been raped!
The alarm bells are ringing.
Hedonist seeks pleasure advice.
Federal Reserve strikes out gayness plan.
Welcome back jvance
Kewl mizspellins 4 u
Just call me Mystic Fucking Meg.
I am regularly enlightened by the useful and accurate information given out by Adequacy's readers.

My only concern is that perhaps some Adequacy readers do not read the entire site, and might therefore miss out on the golden nuggets of knowledge. I thought it might be nice to pool some links to the good stuff in this diary.

So, I ask you all this: What did you learn from Adequacy, and where did you learn it?

To start us off, I learnt all I needed to know about Kierkgaard from nathan's old signature.


To be completely honest, (none / 0) (#1)
by derek3000 on Wed May 15th, 2002 at 08:50:43 AM PST
I've learned that "having an open mind" is not at all what our society makes it out to be.

It isn't nearly as easy as some make it out to be.

"Feel me when I bring it!" --Gay Jamie

That about sums it up (none / 0) (#2)
by Fon2d2 on Wed May 15th, 2002 at 11:30:55 AM PST
And that's why I love this site.

pretrified women (none / 0) (#3)
by Anonymous Reader on Wed May 15th, 2002 at 12:39:24 PM PST
If you have learned to strip and petrify women then you are 3/4 of the way on the path to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is much overrated. (none / 0) (#4)
by tkatchev on Wed May 15th, 2002 at 01:15:26 PM PST
"Enlightenment" is the domain of buddha-pop and die-hard narcotic abuse.

Peace and much love...

on the contrary (none / 0) (#5)
by nathan on Wed May 15th, 2002 at 02:18:37 PM PST
They die rather easily.

Li'l Sis: Yo, that's a real grey area. Even by my lax standards.

Useless trivia. (none / 0) (#7)
by tkatchev on Wed May 15th, 2002 at 10:57:25 PM PST
"Easy" is not always the antonym of "hard".

Peace and much love...

quite so (none / 0) (#8)
by nathan on Wed May 15th, 2002 at 11:35:54 PM PST
"Easy" and "hard" "do" quite well together.

Li'l Sis: Yo, that's a real grey area. Even by my lax standards.

Please get a room (none / 0) (#10)
by Anonymous Reader on Thu May 16th, 2002 at 12:21:03 PM PST
and continue your banter there.

Hey man. (none / 0) (#11)
by tkatchev on Thu May 16th, 2002 at 01:40:08 PM PST
Who let you in on our conversation?

Is watching through the peep-hole not enough for you anymore?

Peace and much love...

And... (none / 0) (#6)
by hauntedattics on Wed May 15th, 2002 at 04:08:23 PM PST
the other 1/4 is appreciation for hot dongs.

Furthermore, (none / 0) (#9)
by because it isnt on Thu May 16th, 2002 at 05:06:59 AM PST
wangs. -- because it isn't


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