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Jan 01, 2002

home for the holidays. sigh.


Jan 11, 2002

Life Test #1, Question #1453


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Jan 01, 2002

resolution New Year's Resolution

Jan 01, 2002

satire? 2001: A Historical Odyssey

Jan 01, 2002

my advice My Problem

Jan 11, 2002

you my good man The Consolation of Melancholy

Jan 14, 2002

Thanks Life Test #1, Question #1453

Jan 15, 2002

Jaw to the floor Life Test #1, Question #1453

Jan 18, 2002

Keep prayer in school! Teaching Astrology In Schools

Jan 23, 2002

can't we all just get along? My Chat With Tim Mathews

Feb 03, 2002

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you Torture - it's inevitable, so lets do it right !

Mar 01, 2002

GO pay for a subscription to slashdot. Caffeinated mints, and getting into the body you desire.

Mar 05, 2002

Hell give em everything EXCEPT San Francisco It's time to surrender.

Mar 14, 2002

first to post The Stupidity of Environmental Liberalism

Mar 14, 2002

it's time to for all of us... I feel so lonely

Mar 18, 2002

:grunt: The Stupidity of Environmental Liberalism

Mar 18, 2002

i as well... The Stupidity of Environmental Liberalism

Apr 05, 2002

here, here A Reader Disputes Our Wisdom

Apr 22, 2002

agreed New medical study: Microsoft products better for your health

May 02, 2002

well if you insist So, how are things at home?

May 07, 2002

Well said. Hnh. Right, right, right. Quite.

May 17, 2002

one of the finest The Heterosexual Geek's Guide to Feigning Homosexuality

May 20, 2002

As someone else of German descent. Bob Marley and the German Race

Jun 04, 2002

How to sound like an ignorant teenaged twit. On why Pearl is not like natural language (Part I)

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