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Nov 24, 2001

Isn't the US Government wonderful?


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Oct 06, 2001

Yes it is, but... Hijacked plane crash destroys Canary Wharf; Shocked Americans ask, `What's Canary Wharf?'

Oct 07, 2001

UK influence An Early Analysis of Today's Attacks

Oct 08, 2001

Count Me In Something Patriotic that The Geeks Can Do Right Now

Oct 09, 2001

Lizards? Anthrax - it's not just for breakfast anymore.

Oct 09, 2001

Oh dear... Something Patriotic that The Geeks Can Do Right Now

Oct 11, 2001

Option 7 A Woman Waits For Me?

Oct 12, 2001

Obvious solution Enough already! Ban programming.

Oct 16, 2001

The Word The word.

Oct 17, 2001

One of my favourite expressions: Genetic Warfare and Matrilineal Cultures

Oct 18, 2001

Yes we do. DM Fetish

Oct 22, 2001

Why I wouldn't do it Peace Protestors

Oct 22, 2001

Link Please? Hello

Oct 22, 2001

No it doesn't... Millennium

Oct 23, 2001

Very interesting Mr. Bond. Millennium

Oct 23, 2001

Four Out Of Five Ain't Bad. Turning Unix into Windows

Oct 24, 2001

Oh yes there is! Alan Cox Is an Unprofessional Jerk

Oct 27, 2001

Yes, you do need say more... Religion: The Appendix of Modern Society

Oct 31, 2001

The Supremes said it best... tangential point off h.a.'s recent diary

Nov 03, 2001

3 hours per day... How I (very nearly) slept with Timothy from Slashdot!

Nov 06, 2001

But... Expanding equality under the law

Nov 08, 2001

something as simple as a parole violation? Expanding equality under the law

Nov 19, 2001

Yes they can Active recruiting

Aug 10, 2002

Oh, so you've all just realised... Linux Zealot contributes to the Open Source Community

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