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 Babylon Must Fall.

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Dec 29, 2001
Another milestone in my personal crusade against the Liberalist Babylon:

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I have now been relegated to "untrusted user" status on Kuro5hin. This after almost six months of posting absolutely nothing on the website. I must say, this is certainly not doing my ego any favors -- it is incredibly flattering to think that somebody is offended enough by my online presense to censor me even though I'm not posting anything.

I guess history repeats itself -- the tactic of "prophylactic ceonsorship" and that of calling your opponents "insane provocateurs" was the favorite tactic of the late liberalist Soviet government. It was also the tactic that worked least well; the blind, thoughless hate that the liberalist is prone to will be his ultimate downfall.


OT: Brilliant link. (none / 0) (#1)
by tkatchev on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 07:26:59 AM PST
For those that read Russian: I know it's a troll, but it's brilliant nonetheless.

Peace and much love...

translation (none / 0) (#7)
by philipm on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 07:26:09 PM PST
Igor Gontov
it memorized this monkey 4 very well. It met each, which went in that class, where to me and to thirty additional Soviet bagagayam attempted to teach bases sovremenno1 of biological science. Poster with its image they hung to the wall almost at the moment of the discovery/opening our secondary school, and since then it was slowly and steadily covered/coated with dust from this the physiognomy of the monkey, from which the labor recently made nedocheloveka, it seemed not glad as, probably, planned/glided artist, but infinitely amazed. She supposedly would ask in all: I really you do assume that they did occur from me? Really you think that with me could occur this trouble?.
We live in the country of shadows, in the world, where more terrible than notorious Platonova cave. From the children's years to us is suggested any khrenoten', moreover it is presented as the absolute truth, in contrast to the traditional religious views, above which it is possible to pokhikhikat', and to be mocked, and generally - to relate ironiceski..
It is guilty in this, as usually - the nineteenth century precisely then arose the fraudulent trick, at which is founded on entire/all our naukopoklonnicheskaya civilization - because the scientific activity allegedly gives positive results, from all those surrounding they began to require the faith/belief in the completely doubtful scientific theories.
Both they walk and walk on the entire world the delirious theories, vyglyadyashchiye so, as if their given birth to authors never dried from the long-standing hard drinkings. What stands one Velika4 monkey. Charlie Darwin! Improbable fraud and underweight already of one hundred fifty years reveals for the scientific theory. Although even Soviet schoolboys, who lived in the society, where for the doubt about faithfulness 3volhqionizma. it was possible to poimet' completely real troubles, they felt its wretchedness and deformity.
I will describe one history of its own childhood. This happened approximately in the class the sixth- seventh... (precise time now I do not already simply remember, but it was this at that moment/torque, when shkol'nichkov the first time they officially begin to tyrannize with this entire obez64nologicesko1. figney). 4 was obtained in the school library the collection of textbooks, which passed to me from predwestvuh5ix generations. The predecessors, the intelligible matter, loved to voice their relation to the studied objects/subjects and was fixed/recorded this their relation on the pages of textbook. Textbook on zoology proved to be especially used up and scribbled all over.
Unknowns to me comrades on the misfortune accompanied almost each figure by any delirious commentary and with this most of all it was reached to division about the evolution/maneuver of man. Apparently, the lesson of zoology stood in the timetable of my predecessors immediately after literatury. or muzyki., because the majority of signatures was quotations from the poems and the songs. Thus, under the figure, which depicted as the chimpanzee, with the surprising perseverance that added boxes into the pyramid, it was signed: 4 monument to itself vozdvig is miraculous.... But - Vot soldiers go under diagram 3volhqii of man from Australopithecus to Cro-Magnon man, all go along the steppe of that singed.....
And under Charles Darwin's portrait it was only written not line- quotation, but express and malicious proclamation: 3to only one Darwin occurred from the monkey!..
Aversion, which in many (4 I do not exaggerate!) causes the theory of evolution/maneuver it is founded on precisely on a constant latent persuasion - " all these scientific theories - present zhul'nichestvo and swindle ". It is simple in the evolution/maneuver of man the white threads, with which sheet rubber the theories, are visible even to strongly shortsighted.
But indeed doubt could cause already one figure otqa- founder of evolutionary theory! Mentally sick person, who was fearing to associate with the visitors, that placed for a period of twenty two years the zaperedel6no- absurd experiments/experiences above the rain worms. (for some reason in the head immediately is born this picture: Central England. Charles Darwin's Dacha. Rain. Slush. Darwin with the test tube and the lancet in the hands leaves from the rear door of house. It approaches the mink of worm. It knocks on the earth/ground. The bandaged worm comes out from the mink and he says in dissatisfied voice: Nu that? Again? Really in twenty years it did not tire, old stump?.).
And here the book of this psychopath, above which jeered the majority of contemporary zoologists, including brilliant sir Richard Owen, made Biblie1 new time. From Darwin they required no empirical proofs, any experiments/experiences, during which he succeeded in converting worm into the woodlouse or the thinking reed. Nothing such.
History of the evolutionary theory of man - this history of infinite frauds and forgeries, zametaniya of unnecessary tracks and concealment of facts. Those in detail interesting in a question I send away to the book Of m. Kremo and R. Thompson Neizvestna4 the history of humanity. (M., 1999) itself I will focus attention of the readers only to two histories. Many whether of you do remember about piltdaunskom person? Contemporary textbooks do not love to resemble about this prokole. the evolutionists, when minerals remains, completely approached to role nedostah5ego of the component/link between the monkey and the man, proved to be the frank fake: the splinters of the skull of man mixed with the teeth of monkey. That whether it cooked itself pervootkryvatel6. 3oantropa. Charles Dowson, then whether Pierre Teyyar de Chardin, comic- ominous character, Catholic priest, with the enviable perseverance attempting to inject evolyutsionistskiye views almost in dogmatics of Rimsko- Catholic church. Fraud was opened almost randomly, and in another situation it could be formed so that piltdaunski1 man. to this day would decorate the pages of the textbooks on Ob5e1 of biology. In any case, special gladness apropos of the disclosure of Dowson's forgery the evolutionists tested - neither when forgery was opened nor now, when they resemble to them about this history.
Piltdaunskaya history simply came out to the surface and therefore it was known to many. (although by far from all). But also other proofs 3volhqii of man not far left from this English falsification. Famous pitekantrop., by which to us they drove in head in the school, was designed from the separate pieces, which were being dragged along from each other at a distance of 13 meters. Sinantropa. assembled from the separate, razgryzannykh and crushed bones. Yuomo of yueidelbergensis it is designed on the basis only of one famous jaw.
And is here into these that kadavrov, the sirens differing little from the scarecrows, which the medieval skillful individuals sewed from the bodies of dead monkeys and tails of the rotted dolphins, forced to come to believe almost all of mankind. However, 4 I want nothing good about this humanity to say - she would not want so that they would deceive it, it would not begin to be deceived. Instead of this obez64n64 the theory was willingly caught by the masses of people and, first of all, - by journalists.
You will involuntarily recall the scoffing story of lord Edvard Danseni " when gods they slept " in regard to this. In it the great master of fentezi described about yotsi - gods of the evil, by which people refused to bow. Then yotsi - 1A, Kha and Snirg found to themselves that being suitable/approaching pastvu. - baboons: Snirg was inclined forward zasheptal, and baboons descended to the elbows, accumulated hands as people, and they muttered prayer; and they began to tell each other that yotsi - these are ancient gods, for which it is necessary to worship, since Snirg whispered to them into the ears, that for the prayer for yotsi they will make by their people. When baboons rose from the elbows, their persons became exchange they were hairy, and hands only are shorter. And then they hid bodies under the clothing and dashed away away from the rocky shore in order to be mixed with the people. And people could not recognize them, since bodies in them were human, only soul remained the soul of beast - indeed they worshiped to yotsi, perfumes of evil.
Probably, the descendants of these baboons organized mass support to the grand-dad of Charlie and his teorii natural selection. (itself konqepqi4. Of danseni to me it seems not a bit not less convincing, than konqepqi4. Darvina. In any case, thus far still not one biologist succeeded in outdoing Snirga and making from the monkey - man).
It is interesting that gentlemen evolutionists prefer to bring down increasingly from the sick head to the healthy, especially within the framework of that concealed/latent form of the propaganda, such as is artistic literature. For example, in the detective of some Canadian the author (surname, unfortunately, 4 he forgot, and composition itself it was called Golovorez.) was prescribed insertable history about how in 19 v. certain army Colonel found allegedly skull nedostah5ego of component/link, but, buduci by the convinced Christian, it hid him from the biologists. In the reality all occurs s by accuracy to vice versa - the fanatically believing anthropologist- evolutionists are ready to hide the facts contradicting theory and almost to kill their scientific enemies. (U of the already mentioned creams and Thompson to such examples is diverted good half of the book. Yes even their own, it is completely honest labor it caused here what reaction in gentlemen of the biologists: Kniga your - the perfect nonsense, and only complete idiot will perceive it in earnest).
In our time to justify the attachment of the completely discredited theory of Darwin in the school is possible only 3kologiceskim by considerations. Possibly, our teacher- methodologists consider that in the school compulsorily must be taught the concept, which emphasizes the connection/communication between the man and the animal kingdom. In other words, attempt to ripen after mirovymi by movements - 3kologiceskoe consciousness, jiva4 Earth- Hay. and other trinkets Of nesh Of age. but, from my point of view, the idea of the mandrel Of blavatskoy about the fact that not man occurred from animals, but animals - this the degraded people of the previous five reasonable races, is not a bit not less scientific and even it is more than ekologichna, than the construction of Darwin and neo-Darwinists. Why to our teachers and not to take it for the armament?
However, I will again emphasize one - me irritates not the evolutionism, which is not worse than many other beliefs. (on extremely the measure, from its followers they do not require participation in the ritual cannibalism. Although, who knows that he occurs there, after the walls of scientific research institutes?) Enrages that pose of the omnisciences, which assume/take scientists, who do not understand, that create only the texts, which have no relation to the reality.
Not one biology is located in this position. Is not better situation, also, in other, allegedly " precise " sciences. (although what here, to feature, accuracy. With the view on the situation in the contemporary science is recalled old shkolyarskaya joke about the fact that vse scientific disciplines are divided into the unnatural and the antihuman). Physics, for example, simply they knew how to hide after the formulas and the calculations, speculating on traditional respect of our simple fellow citizens for mathematics. However, in reality after allegedly the serious to concepts *** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***и скрывается


Its just drunk russians again (none / 0) (#8)
by philipm on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 07:59:51 PM PST
Dude this is not brilliant. This is typical Russian bullshit that comes from Russians being unable to use language to express complex ideas. Actually Russians are very trolly by nature - that is because Russia is very cold and when you have traveled 50 miles through the snow to meet your neighbor you need to figure out what your neighbor's opinion of you really is -> so you "troll" him. Those people that were not able to evolve this ability died off or were killed by Stalin and Lenin.

The whole point of the article seems to be "science is a type of religion" Well, doh! To Russians everything is a type of religion - they were the first people stupid enough to fall for "communism" - a modern religion. A Russian simply is incapabale of examining any issue without going to extremes, calling several people idiots, and resorting to character attacks as seen in the article where Darwin is called a monkey.

As for education by "memorization" - that is a consequence of the modern prussian education system - Another stupid religion that russians decided to adopt first. They should have just stuck with catholicism.

Here is info on the Prussian education system:


you deserve it (none / 0) (#2)
by philipm on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 07:28:41 AM PST
Well, you see, we here in America have this policy of "trust but verify". I guess they verified.

Their conservative outlook on censorship has managed to strike to the very core of your liberalist belief system. Why do you lash out in anger? And why doesn't this diary entry have a poll?


Polls. (none / 0) (#3)
by tkatchev on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 07:31:26 AM PST
I don't like polls, as a rule. The whole idea smells too much of "g**k" to me.

Peace and much love...

Quit bragging. (none / 0) (#4)
by RobotSlave on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 01:05:13 PM PST
It's unseemly in a man of such worldly outlook as yourself. We've been over this before.

© 2002, RobotSlave. You may not reproduce this material, in whole or in part, without written permission of the owner.

I know. (none / 0) (#5)
by tkatchev on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 01:08:23 PM PST
I'm feeling ashamed myself -- and I said as much in the diary entry myself, so don't blame me.

Peace and much love...

More delusions of grandeur (none / 0) (#6)
by SpaceGhoti on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 05:15:00 PM PST
Really, child. You're just not that important. I haven't been doing much on K5 either, and I've also lost my trusted user status. Not because I've been modded down, but because my positive scores have aged, and I haven't done anything to earn new ones. And if anyone were to keep their trusted user status on a "liberalist" site like K5, it ought to be a "liberalist" like me, right?

Your paranoid outlook may keep you warm during the long winter nights, but the "liberalist" plot against you is nothing more than wind from your own body.

A troll's true colors.

Oops. (none / 0) (#10)
by tkatchev on Sun Dec 30th, 2001 at 03:03:35 AM PST
"Untrusted status" is not the same as "losing your trusted status".

"Untrusted status" basically means that you post at 0 by default -- I guess it's kuro5hin's equivalent of the "bitchslap".

Besides, how could I be a trusted user on k5 if I heven't posted there for months?

Peace and much love...

Email Rusty (none / 0) (#11)
by Anonymous Reader on Tue Jan 1st, 2002 at 10:52:20 AM PST
Why dont you email rusty? He recently added a few new features like an "undo ratings" button so that if anyone is shown to be abusing the mod system (like rating someone 1/0 whatever they post) he can just undo it all, and even lock their account I think. Try it, it might be worth it (if your that bothered).

Course, if it just happened naturally and lots of random people decided to rate you 1/0 (check their UID's to make sure its not a modstorm or something, if they are close together then it might be), then there isnt much rusty can do really, and that just sucks eh?

Not that he cant (or at least wont) do anything, just, well, man I'm knackered =)

my heart (none / 0) (#9)
by error27 on Sat Dec 29th, 2001 at 09:19:31 PM PST
goes out to you in this difficult time...


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