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What is to be done?
fight 17%
sue 5%
leave things as they are 14%
Back to slavery days 61%

Votes: 34

 Shit or Get Off the Pot

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Aug 26, 2002
The West's economic wealth was largely built on the backs of millions of black slaves brought in from Africa and bred into an army of laborers. Naturally, their descendants are following the example of Holocaust survivors and asking for reparations from the governments and businesses that profited from slavery.

This past weekend, thousands gathered in Washington, D.C. to pressure the government to consider the idea. But the idea is itself politically impossible and morally bankrupt. It's like trying to solve a world war by throwing a tea party.


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Of course, the entire point of paying reparations for slavery is to have a tea party instead of a world war. A world race and/or ethnic war, in particular. Supporters believe that reparations are due to slave descendants not only because of what was done to slaves but because of the persistent effects of racism. To them, reparations are an alternative to taking back what's rightfully theirs by force. Most examples of reparations, including those for the Japanese interned during WWII, are based on the tort reform model. Like a lawsuit, they are based on the legal notion of "making whole again." The court focuses on the individual, not the social group. Technically, all individuals are equal before the law, and many poor and friendless people have gotten reparations in court.

Under this plan, people who could prove that they are descended from slaves would receive benefits. But the passage of time has made the genaeology difficult. The free-market system would quickly corrupt the process. Although most African-Americans in this country were descended from slaves, few have the necessary records to prove it. Such a plan would be a financial bonanza for lawyers and geneaologists. Some would be reputable and others would offer inaccurate or falsified data. In the end, these "bad apples" would seize the benefits of poor applicants and make it more difficult for all applicants to qualify.

If reparations to individual slave descendants are impossible, the alternative -- "community" reparations -- is stunning in its scale and implications.

"Community" reparations, widely embraced by prominent advocates like Rep. John Conyers, leader of the U.S. House of Representatives' Congressional Black Caucus, would involve massive transfers of resources from the firms and governments that benefited from slavery to the communities descended from slaves.

This idea has become so popular because its policy proposals -- everything from debt forgiveness in Africa to inner city investment projects -- already have their followers. Slave reparations have become one more argument among thousands of reasons for transferring wealth from the rich to the poor.

Wealth transfer is another idea entirely. Like slavery, it's an idea over which groups regularly fight wars. The development of Western systems of law, including tort law, is our way of avoiding constant wars over wealth.

But the courts are only an option. War is always waiting in the wings. Some Holocaust survivors sought legal reparations from governments and banks. In doing so, they strengthened the system of international law and promoted peace instead of war. Many of their fellow survivors went to Israel and sought, like their persecutors, an ethnically clean territory. Over the decades Israel has survived, but only in a state of constant war.

The descendants of slaves and the descendants of slave masters often threaten war. The fact that blacks are subject to more frequent traffic stops than whites is a manifestation of racial conflict. So is the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

But slavery is, like racial profiling and the AIDs epidemic, a symptom of a deeper cause, something that, across history, makes people with power repeatedly value material gain over human life.

Socialists believe that capitalism is that cause. Anarchists believe that the causes are power and hierarchy themselves. They believe that the current system must be torn down. To them, accepting reparations would be worse than doing nothing. It would legitimize the system that enslaves people and lets them die of epidemics.

Liberals believe in the law and the reform of the system. Authority and economics must be made more responsive to the true needs of people. They developed the current system of dealing with crimes against humanity, currently in use in South Africa, Bosnia, East Timor and elsewhere. But these policies have always failed when they have strayed from the legal system. Commissions can jail criminals and pay victims, but they cannot dictate the future character of a nation or government.

As a solution to current racism, reparations seem impossible. They can only compensate a few deserving people. The system of law will never permit the massive policy change required. In fact, that system may stand in the way of massive policy change. The conflicts of race and class will continue to burn, and war may be inevitable.


The only just way to do it... (3.00 / 2) (#2)
by tkatchev on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 10:19:01 AM PST to pay reparations in equal parts to every citizen of the United States. That is the only fair option.

Peace and much love...

Reparations and Inheritance (3.50 / 2) (#3)
by First Incision on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 10:28:27 AM PST
I am against reparations to slave ancestors because it would legitimize inheritance on a scale never before seen in the USA.

The inheritance of wealth has created evils such as slavery, feudalism, monarchy, copyright law, the US automobile industry, and the 2nd Bush Administration.

Likewise, I am against the inheritance of sin. Even God Himself punishes sin only unto the third and fourth generation. Proponents of reparations want to go even farther!

I am in favor of an even larger Inheritance Tax. Survivors of the deceased should only be allowed to keep sentimental heirlooms and arable farmland.
Do you suffer from late-night hacking? Ask your doctor about Protonix.

Oh my. (none / 0) (#4)
by tkatchev on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 10:44:31 AM PST
And who gets to keep the real estate? Bush Jr? What a lucky person.

Peace and much love...

wait just a minute here (4.00 / 1) (#5)
by mrt76 on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 11:48:54 AM PST
As a solution to current racism, reparations seem impossible. They can only compensate a few deserving people.

"Deserving" people???
Toby's great great great great grandchild is no more deserving than I, a twentysomething middle class white bread, am. I find it difficult to see how I can be held accountable for my forefather's actions.

Even so, if the tables were turned, putting a price on the suffering of the past generations of my people is not something I'd want to do. Would a ten thousand dollar check from Uncle Sam to every "deserving" person erase the tragedy of slavery from America's collective mind?? Hardly. But I could buy alot cool stuff!! Yeah!!
"...I'm in no mood for a freak show this afternoon..."

First, (none / 0) (#8)
by koanhead on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 02:42:54 PM PST
you must transcend the empty, meaningless rhetoric inspired by vaguer, value-laden abstractions invested in words such as "accountability." Their pronunciation has been the traditional method for heralding all forms of tyranny. They do not mean what they say; they mean what they do. Then, you must fear for your life, because everything contains within it the seeds of its own destruction.

Don't think about it. There isn't anything to think about.

God hates logic.

Potential Fallout (none / 0) (#11)
by Anonymous Reader on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 05:14:04 PM PST
Consider the unfortunate side-effects of formally compensating the descendants of slaves.

Suddenly social programs that are designed to prevent institutional discrimination could be eliminated. After all, "they were paid!" It could easily be the worst thing to ever happen to the African-American community, who might discover themselves with no sympathy or protected status.

Add to that their alarmingly diminuishing population compared to newer Asian and South American immigrants, and things could really get unpleasant.

Dwelling on slavery is harmful to a people (4.00 / 2) (#6)
by Adam Rightmann on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 12:22:14 PM PST
While it's a rather shameful history in America's past, and one which my ancestors fought to end at Gettysburg, dwelling on past injustices to such an extent is a very unhealthy practice. Perhaps the blacks should take a lesson from the Jews, and rather than pissing and moaning to Egypt, Baghdad and Rome about reparations for historical slavery, just get on with their lives.

A. Rightmann

I agree wholeheartedly. (none / 0) (#9)
by Anonymous Reader on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 03:00:49 PM PST
There is a very vocal (and microscopic) minority in France preaching for reparations for slavery. It doesn't make the headlines, but it speaks very loudly. As a black (more or less) and a slave descendant, I suppose I am entitled to reparations. As a descendant of white masters, I suppose I am guilty (following their reasoning) and I must participate in the payment. In what proportion? Am I more black than white? Who is to decide? And the African kings who sold my ancestors, will they pay too?
And being descendant of East Indians and Chinese too, do I have some other right?

I consider this idea of reparation as pure madness.

Ha, ha, ha . . . ha ha. (none / 0) (#13)
by Anonymous Reader on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 06:26:03 PM PST
What about the devil-state of Israel? It seems that the Jews have certainly gotten their reparations from the poor Palestinian peoples. Or are you one of them? You goddamned Zionist prick.

Interesting but... (4.00 / 1) (#7)
by Anonymous Reader on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 02:40:13 PM PST
It's an interesting article, and an interesting concept to pay reperations for recognised wrong doings of the past.

It is however completely and utterly ridiculous. Like positive discrimination, this idea is full of narrow minded rhetoric, based on personal interest and, dare I say it, greed.

Take for example a step back from slavery. What if the African American slaves weren't even shipped over to the Americas at all? The implied consequence should reperation actions occur, would have been that African Americans would have lead a much better life then they do now? I'll leave the judgement whether this is the case up too you.

Take a different perspective again. The consequences of such rulings would be much larger then you have estimated. The common rule would be to sue negative inheritated history against those who were responsible for this. That's not particularly practical. Perhaps the British Government should claim compensation for 200 years of lost agricultural revenue? Or the ancestors of the Roman Empire sue the Germanic people for the loss of an empire?

As someone else commented, inheritance is the cause of many of the problems that created the vile tradition that was the slave trade. Guilt like wealth should not be inherited, and people must remember their past not dwell on it.

After all...having a Dutch dad, I may end up sueing the Argentinian and German Governments for depriving me and millions of others of not seeing Johan Cruijff lift the FIFA World Cup. I demand Restoration!


The British should be compensated (4.00 / 1) (#10)
by dmg on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 05:04:28 PM PST
For the illegal war of Independence.

If we are going to start righting past wrongs, the British deserve to be compensated for our illegal war. Think about it. The British would be the wealthiest nation on Earth had we Americans not fought them in Boston over tea taxation...

time to give a Newtonian demonstration - of a bullet, its mass and its acceleration.
-- MC Hawking

And for their fine work in Africa and India (none / 0) (#14)
by eSolutions on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 06:49:41 PM PST
Think of all the people in the former colonies who have been blessed with Christ's love because of the British Empire. These people would be otherwise damned to hell! This is no trivial matter, people; if you think it is, there's something deeply wrong with you. THEY WERE SAVED.

Here's a bit of irony for you. The whole of Latin America is Catholic, and therefore heathen. However, North America and Northern Ireland are Protestant, and therefore saved. But North America rejected the British Empire, and today Northern Irish Protestants are trying to do the same*! <sarcasm>How's that for gratitude?</sarcasm>

Onwards and Upwards,

*Funded, for some reason, with retirement accounts. WTF!?!?!?

------- You wanna play the blind man, go walk with a Shepherd. But me, my eyes are wide fuckin' open.

Hmm, sounds familiar (5.00 / 1) (#12)
by Anonymous Reader on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 06:16:45 PM PST
Reparations are already underway in Zimbabwe, with great success. Inexperienced black farmers are now given a chance to try and solve the hunger crisis that is currently plaguing southern Africa.

Zimbabwean "Reparations" (none / 0) (#22)
by Naive Fool on Wed Aug 28th, 2002 at 01:51:13 PM PST
First of all, the situation in Zimbabwe is far from analagous. It is far more similar to conflicts between Aboriginal groups and governments, or to South Africans and former members of Appartheid than to the reparations debate. For one thing, the days of Rhodesia are much more recent than those of pre-civil war America. For another, all the additional complications of post-colonial politics are thown into the mix, including a President who seems to be increasingly interested in holding onto power at all costs. Although this is certainly debatable, it seems to me that this contencious issue is quite clearly a play for power, wealth and support by Mugabe and his "war veterans", whereas those seeking reparations for slavery are interested in winning them from the governments and companies in question, as both an apology and a solution, rather than taking them by force.

reparations - an alternative? (none / 0) (#15)
by cgruber on Mon Aug 26th, 2002 at 08:04:37 PM PST
I pretty much agree with many of the comments - though I think that rather than reparations, some strategic investments in bottom-level educational, housing, and health-care standards would probably be a good use of such "reparations" money. It's also one of the few ways that such reparations could be made without becoming a conspicuous consumption bonanza with a large destabilizing social effect on communities that received such reparations.

And I'm saying this as a white-boy who married an african who's people are still under tyrranical rule in Africa. If there's a people deserving some reparations, it's hers, but nevertheless, we're both agreed, that the best way to right those wrongs isn't a huge cash payout, but to raise the minimum quality of life to a level where the natural disadvantages of being exceedingly poor are no longer a barrier to economic participation and class-mobility.

You Americans are crazy! (none / 0) (#16)
by Juan Fernandez on Tue Aug 27th, 2002 at 01:54:43 AM PST
It is well known here in Europe that you people in USA can sue each other for any stupid minor annoyance and get a lot of cash. It seems all you need is a "good" lawyer ("good" here means "criminal-friendly", or "pettifogger" as I would say if I were interested enough in your poor language to waste my time making any research) and an "innocent" face. All this crap is enjoyable for us Europeans, in fact. We find great fun just watching those ridiculous trials of yours on american TV adds like "CNN".
Despite the facts named above my surprise was great when I read this article: this stuff about slavery and financial compensations to some bunch of greedy lazy rap&crack addicts makes me fart of pure incontinence caused by so much laughing. No doubt the whole idea was born from some unemployed wanna-be-lawyer nigger.
So, those monkeys think they outsmart you. If you pay, they win.

Another example of European idiocy. (none / 0) (#18)
by MessiahWWKD on Tue Aug 27th, 2002 at 11:25:03 AM PST
Guardian angel, heavenly friend, walk with me 'til the journey's end.

No Sir. (none / 0) (#20)
by Anonymous Reader on Tue Aug 27th, 2002 at 12:00:12 PM PST
This is not another example of European idiocy. This an example of Juan Fernandez's idiocy, which is phenomenal. It is, as well, an illustration of Juan Fernandez's racism, not less phenomenal than his idiocy. But the two generally walk hand in hand.

Well.... (none / 0) (#17)
by Anonymous Reader on Tue Aug 27th, 2002 at 02:16:12 AM PST
CNN said that "hundreds" showed up for the reparations rally. Not "thousands". Seems like people really care about this issue.

There's always talk of... (none / 0) (#19)
by MessiahWWKD on Tue Aug 27th, 2002 at 11:27:17 AM PST
Compensating the descendants of slaves, but what about punishing the descendants of slave owners for crimes against humanity? Why does everybody simply forgive these cruel bastards, and force the government to pay for their crimes?
Guardian angel, heavenly friend, walk with me 'til the journey's end.

Why does everybody forgive the former slavers? (none / 0) (#23)
by Naive Fool on Wed Aug 28th, 2002 at 02:23:07 PM PST
Because they're dead. One strong and often ignored reason that the government is being asked to pay, as well as companies and individuals who benifited from slavery, is that in a competative marketplace, any advantage one group has is a disadvantage to a competing group. Even if we ignore issues of institutionalised descrimination and educational descrepancies, let alone damages for the suffering inherent in being a slave, ex-slaves were at an extreme commercial disadvantage. The very fact that certain companies and individuals benifited from the labour and industry of slaves meant that they had a huge financial advantage over any emerging competition. In other words, even if post-civil war American society had been entirely equitable, all slaves had been educated as well as the average non-slave, and the same economic opportunities were available for ex-slaves as for everyone else, the newly freed African Americans at a distinct competative disadvantage. While slavery existed, all Americans benifitted from it economically, whether they were directly involved in the institution of slavery, or merely benifitted from the cheap goods they were able to buy from those who were, the entire American economy benifitted from the cheap labour supplied by slaves. Furthermore, the inertia inherent in any system that includes inter-generational transfers of wealth and education means that many of these benifits, and the disadvantages to those who don't recieve them, still exist. The government as an institution that represents the descendents of both those who benifited from slavery and those who suffered under it, makes the best financial mediator, through which the taxes of the rich and/or powerful could benifit the poor and/or disenfranchised.

I apologize for my assumption. (none / 0) (#24)
by MessiahWWKD on Wed Aug 28th, 2002 at 07:33:42 PM PST
While slavery existed, all Americans benifitted from it economically.

No wonder the majority of Adequacy readers believe that slavery needs to be brought back. I thought it was because they were racist, but I've been proven wrong.
Guardian angel, heavenly friend, walk with me 'til the journey's end.

But of course. (none / 0) (#25)
by tkatchev on Thu Aug 29th, 2002 at 12:55:26 AM PST
Niggers aren't american.

Peace and much love...

So? (none / 0) (#26)
by MessiahWWKD on Thu Aug 29th, 2002 at 12:24:12 PM PST
And Russians aren't human, yet I still can't hunt them for sport.
Guardian angel, heavenly friend, walk with me 'til the journey's end.

Logic, dude? (none / 0) (#27)
by tkatchev on Thu Aug 29th, 2002 at 01:32:40 PM PST
Although I'm a great fan of ad-hominem, your post was too confusing even for me.

Peace and much love...

Pot calling kettle black. (none / 0) (#28)
by MessiahWWKD on Thu Aug 29th, 2002 at 01:54:19 PM PST
It's not an ad-hominem Mr. "I Like to Call Black People Niggers." It's simply the truth. If I meant to attack you, I would have used an ethnic slur against the Russians, although personally, I think being called Russian is bad enough.
Guardian angel, heavenly friend, walk with me 'til the journey's end.

get with the times, friend (none / 0) (#30)
by nathan on Fri Aug 30th, 2002 at 12:15:11 AM PST
'Nigger' is a technical term in the theory of colonialism.

Li'l Sis: Yo, that's a real grey area. Even by my lax standards.

Let's have a pissing contest. (none / 0) (#31)
by tkatchev on Fri Aug 30th, 2002 at 07:51:47 AM PST
You seem to have a severe irony deficiency.

Since you are so fond of "black culture", I challenge you to quote anything from any Black American author.

Strange that the people most fond of fighting for "black rights" are also the people who tolerate blacks only in the role of talking apes. I guess for the typical liberal, the idea of "black rights" is simply a subset of "animal rights".

P.S. I realize that all this stuff I said makes no sense to you; I'm probably wasting my time here.

Peace and much love...

But Gary Younge is a typical liberal. (none / 0) (#35)
by because it isnt on Sat Aug 31st, 2002 at 02:37:04 PM PST
He presents a problem for your argument. -- because it isn't

Problem with that. (none / 0) (#36)
by tkatchev on Sun Sep 1st, 2002 at 05:11:52 AM PST
Black americans are neither "coloured peoples" nor a "minority'. They are a separate and distinct nationality.

"Race relations" can be discussed only in the context of national identity.

Peace and much love...

A few questions (none / 0) (#37)
by First Incision on Sun Sep 1st, 2002 at 09:00:48 AM PST
1. Have you ever traveled to the USA?

2. Have you ever discussed national identity with an African-American?

3. What the hell are you talking about?
Do you suffer from late-night hacking? Ask your doctor about Protonix.

Hello. (none / 0) (#38)
by tkatchev on Sun Sep 1st, 2002 at 12:10:08 PM PST
Look, the Western European model of nationality (where one ethnic group == one government) doesn't work in other places of the world. For example, it is quite possible to be an Italian and an American at the same time. (i.e. Ethnic Itialian who is an American citizen.)

Peace and much love...

I see your point, but (none / 0) (#39)
by First Incision on Sun Sep 1st, 2002 at 01:57:52 PM PST
What does this have to do with national identity? The whole reason we can discuss "race relations" in the US is because we are all Americans.

There are cultural differences between myself and my African-American friends, but when compared with the worldwide myriad of cultures these differences are relatively small. This is because we share a larger American culture.

Culturally, I have more in common with a random African-American than an Englishman.
Do you suffer from late-night hacking? Ask your doctor about Protonix.

No. (none / 0) (#40)
by tkatchev on Sun Sep 1st, 2002 at 03:10:46 PM PST
You are wrong. The ethnic differences between White and Black Americans are profound; I'd say that they are even more stark than the differences between any two given Western European nations.

Your confusion stems from the fact that you are unable to differentiate a common cultural reference point from a common ethnic identity. For example, just because you watch the same movies and visit the same shopping malls doesn't mean that you have the same viewpoint on family relations and religious practices.

As always, White Americans are unable to grasp the concept of ethnic identity; this seems to be America's permanent problem and also the root of anti-American sentiment throughout the world.

Besides, you would do well to familiarize yourself with Black American culture.

Peace and much love...

Am I confused? (none / 0) (#41)
by First Incision on Sun Sep 1st, 2002 at 07:06:09 PM PST
I am interested by your assertion that white americans are unable to grasp the concept of ethnic identity. I suspect you may be on to something there.

But do not assume I am not familiar with African-American culture.
Do you suffer from late-night hacking? Ask your doctor about Protonix.

I am familiar with Romanian culture (none / 0) (#43)
by nathan on Tue Sep 3rd, 2002 at 11:42:11 AM PST
But that doesn't make me Romanian.

I think Mr Tkatchev is right on this one. White and black Americans live next to each other and speak dialects of the same language (although they may be competent in one anothers' dialects.) Members of one 'race' may even be culturally assimilated into another, speaking and living as do members of the other 'race.' Nonetheless intermarriage, while not unknown, hovers around 3% of total marriages.

The idea of two 'nations' within one geographical nation is hardly unknown elsewhere. In Romania, some 80% of the population are ethnically Romanian - they are Vlachs and speak 'limba Româna.' Ethnic Magyars, Germans, and Gypsies make up influential minorities. I don't think anyone would try to argue that Hungarian who lives in Cluj-Napoca is somehow less Hungarian than one who lives in Budapest, because there's more to being Hungarian than just what it says on your passport.

So, if there are groups with different dialects, customs, family life, and manners within a country, it makes sense to start asking at what point the groups become two 'nations.' (Of course, no nation is an unchanging, unworldly idea either. The Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Bretons, and Normans [themselves Gallicised Norsemen] formed the modern English nation, and now Indians and Carribeans are themselves changing that old ethnic order.)

The black and white American nations are not far apart. I think what tips me in favour of Mr Tkatchev's definition is the low rates of intermarriage between black and white people. I don't think anyone would deny that such couples face increased racist behaviour, anywhere in America, from people of either race. In Brazil, it would be less of a big deal. In South Africa, it would probably be a bigger deal.

Are we closer to being on the same page? This is a fascinating topic.

Li'l Sis: Yo, that's a real grey area. Even by my lax standards.

Yes. (none / 0) (#45)
by tkatchev on Tue Sep 3rd, 2002 at 11:50:58 PM PST
Also, note that this adversity to intermarriage is not a sexual thing -- as long as family isn't involved, people seem to have no problem with inter-racial sex.

Peace and much love...

ever read anything by Dambudzo Marechara? (none / 0) (#44)
by nathan on Tue Sep 3rd, 2002 at 12:09:29 PM PST
I got my hands on The House of Hunger and I couldn't put it down. As far as go black American authors, all I can say is, if you don't know the Harlem Renaissance, somehow you missed most of the best American poetry of the XXth century.

The problem is that most 'well-read' people aren't. A few Jane Austen novels is hardly an education.

Li'l Sis: Yo, that's a real grey area. Even by my lax standards.

If you're going to be picky... (none / 0) (#29)
by Naive Fool on Thu Aug 29th, 2002 at 08:26:23 PM PST
Rather than calling me racist, you could have actually paid attention to what I was saying, and if you you want to bandy speciicity about, while slavery existed slaves were not considered even people by American law, let alone citizens. Although there was a period when they were considered to be equal 3/5ths of a person. I should think it was obvious that I, at least, was not advocating slavery, but obviously flipant pedantry can survive in even the most sarcastic environments.

disgusting language (none / 0) (#21)
by Anonymous Reader on Tue Aug 27th, 2002 at 05:48:13 PM PST
As a regular Adequacy reader i was shocked by this headline. Such disgusting profanity really is unneccesary.

Slavery alive and well (none / 0) (#32)
by Anonymous Reader on Fri Aug 30th, 2002 at 07:39:51 PM PST
What about the Muslim blacks enslaving and slaughtering non-Muslim blacks in Sudan? Or the oil companies who support the Muslim genocide? When will they have to pay reparations?

Louis Farrakhan and his little buddy Rev Jesse Jackson probably see little political advantage to be gained in exploiting that situation. I wonder if the Southern Poverty Law Center will help.

Um hello? (none / 0) (#33)
by tkatchev on Fri Aug 30th, 2002 at 11:09:01 PM PST
Most "African"-American people were there in America since before the American revolution. I can't see why somebody who's last ancestor was in Africa ten generations ago should care about internal African affairs.

Peace and much love...

of course (none / 0) (#34)
by Anonymous Reader on Sat Aug 31st, 2002 at 01:49:23 PM PST
Internal African affairs? I imagine you look at German genocide of Jews an internal Deutchland affair.

You are obviously not black, for if you were you know that all blacks are "brothers." All blacks must be united and join as one to fight off the oppression of the rich white western world.

And I would also imply from this statement that the blacks who don't care about internal African affairs probably don't give half a shit about some long lost ancestor of their's that was a slave over a hundred years ago.

Ship them all back (none / 0) (#42)
by Anonymous Reader on Tue Sep 3rd, 2002 at 09:10:16 AM PST
Slave reperations are an absolute necessity. Negroes were stolen from their homeland and brought to the United States to work as slaves. Reimbursements should be in kind.

All negroes should be rounded up and sent back Africa. It was a grave mistake to bring them to this country, and one which will be easily corrected.

Both sides will win. Negroes will no longer be subject to white racism, and white citizens will be able to move back to our cities and enjoy a lower tax burden. This simplest way to reform welfare and end crime is to put the criminals and welfare slobs on another continent.

Liberia is waiting.


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