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Aug 29, 2001

Flawed The Problem is You - Not Religion

Aug 29, 2001

it doesn't matter The Problem is You - Not Religion

Aug 31, 2001

I'm amazed Global Warming: A Proactive Solution (Part 1 of 2)

Sep 07, 2001

anal? 'English Style Lovers', with jsm

Sep 11, 2001

fore! A Day on the Links

Sep 11, 2001

hrrm. A Time For Patriots

Sep 12, 2001

I should really dig out my Chomsky books for this A Time For Patriots

Sep 19, 2001

Something for the Premium Page: Coping with the unexpected

Sep 19, 2001

Yes, well, *I* don't actually read slash fiction. Coping with the unexpected

Sep 20, 2001

'"Facts": an Absurd Liberal Myth' surely The Myth of "Facts"

Sep 24, 2001

ATTN Jin Wicked - a suggestion Hey qp!

Sep 24, 2001

pff Hey qp!

Sep 24, 2001

I am mildly curious... Kill Yr Idols - Donald Knuth

Sep 27, 2001

I think you will find you are the mistaken one Kill Yr Idols: Usamah bin Muhammad bin Laden

Sep 27, 2001

ken-ken? Wasn't that a Pokemon? We are all children of Adam and Eve

Sep 27, 2001

I came here via jsm's sig whoring on k5 - popularity increasing.

Sep 28, 2001

+1 FP Why I'm Glad The World Trade Center's Gone

Sep 28, 2001

mmm. - popularity increasing.

Sep 28, 2001

"...and a fuck load less geeks" Moaners

Sep 30, 2001

ATTN editors: meta-commentary - please delete Another 'I just don't get it' post

Sep 30, 2001

are you sure you've used Linux? Review: Linux Mandrake 8.1

Oct 01, 2001

welcome! Fuck the geeks.

Oct 06, 2001

trhurler: The funny thing is, trhurler lurks and reads this...

Oct 10, 2001

Another suggestion: It's all about me.

Oct 11, 2001

g**k crooks Enough already! Ban programming.

Oct 12, 2001

You are an idiot Enough already! Ban programming.

Oct 13, 2001

hey Hello!

Oct 13, 2001

Ok then. Hello!

Oct 14, 2001

are you Adam Rightmann? How much Xanax will be adequate?

Oct 14, 2001

Or... How much Xanax will be adequate?

Oct 18, 2001

My current playlist: DM Fetish

Oct 19, 2001

Sappy nonsence Hey BC!

Oct 19, 2001

what do you do? I am a rock star.

Oct 19, 2001

You're good. I am a rock star.

Oct 19, 2001

Cats are great Hey BC!

Oct 19, 2001

hey... It's all broken

Oct 23, 2001

Me! Is adequacy getting lame?

Oct 25, 2001

Thanks dmg Anthrax - Some factual corrections, but no apology.

Nov 01, 2001

because... tangential point off h.a.'s recent diary

Nov 01, 2001

'Related links'? My online buddies

Nov 01, 2001

Aw man! My online buddies

Nov 21, 2001

I sympathise Damn damn damn.

Nov 24, 2001

and... First Commandment: Revisit As Often As Necessary

Nov 30, 2001

let me guess I am in a rage

Dec 03, 2001

librariatarian? Not just harmless fun

Dec 04, 2001

how to make us love you: Freedom

Dec 13, 2001

T-shirts Adequacy Update

Dec 13, 2001

An essay on Tolkien Tolkien, autism, and geeks: peas in a pod.

Dec 15, 2001

Hey... Brief Public Service Reminder

Dec 19, 2001

Dear Mr Ianwt, Just who is Mr Gibbons?

Jan 18, 2002

you should be grateful... Too controversial for Adequacy

Jan 19, 2002

lies Too controversial for Adequacy

Jan 19, 2002

to find out why... jsm is back!

Feb 22, 2002

irony? The Cold, Hard Facts of Geekdom

Feb 23, 2002


Apr 12, 2002

I like... Adequacy Quotes

Apr 24, 2002

You forgot... Moore

May 09, 2002

Dear Mr. Milkshake, Four Spider-Man movies reviewed

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