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Jan 03, 2002

I'd prefer simply enforcing digital certs Internet Licenses: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Jan 08, 2002

I want my hacked FBI file! Britney Spears' Six-Inch Secret

Apr 08, 2002

Don't forget about the Comet British engineering genius and the Homosexualist Socialist conspiracy

Apr 15, 2002

Where do I sign up? Save America's Gangs

Apr 22, 2002

i aM reet!!1 gIv3 m3 where's d000dz!! New medical study: Microsoft products better for your health

Apr 24, 2002

Goddamit! America - quite unwell?

Apr 26, 2002

mmmmmmm Dissociatives

Jun 05, 2002

Oh yeah? Ancient History for Ignorant Americans

Jun 14, 2002

Kindly SHUT THE HELL UP, GEEK! Amateur Golf and the Computer Criminal

Jun 18, 2002

Soccer beats the piss out of Amerikan football Time for great celebration!!!!

Jun 21, 2002

spell LAM3R1!!! I want a mistress!

Jun 24, 2002

Brown naked savages killing each other IMPEACH REAGAN!!!!!

Jun 24, 2002

WRONG bored, here's a poll for you

Jun 24, 2002

I'm better than all of you You have 100 words

Jun 24, 2002

tick tick tick, motherfucker. You have 100 words

Jun 24, 2002

So go invent one already Trees and Grass. Two more lies of society.

Jun 25, 2002

It is not theoretically possible Trees and Grass. Two more lies of society.

Jun 27, 2002

Munch on this Trees and Grass. Two more lies of society.

Jun 28, 2002

Religion doesn't kill, people do. Tolkien, Star Wars and Jesus Christ

Jul 02, 2002

erm... Boom City, USA

Jul 02, 2002

Don't flatter yourself, terrorist. Boom City, USA

Jul 11, 2002

Free HMMV's w/ 50 cals for everyone! The Hunt for God

Jul 15, 2002

A dildo for commies and terrorists The Hunt for God

Jul 15, 2002

You shall be judged! The Hunt for God

Jul 15, 2002

Obviously you are a dumb yank The History of Rap.

Jul 16, 2002

Simple solution Ask Adequacy: Am I a Pedophile?

Jul 16, 2002

Age Discrimination! eSolutions Kidz Korner

Jul 16, 2002

Only two sorts of folk don't like God A question for the atheists

Jul 17, 2002

Linux is on the decline What will the lunix apologists make of this ?

Jul 17, 2002

Felonious Libel. What will the lunix apologists make of this ?

Jul 17, 2002

FaceOfAnaL What will the lunix apologists make of this ?

Jul 19, 2002

You weren't listening Our Father

Jul 19, 2002

i fack you! Kewl mizspellins 4 u

Jul 22, 2002

You missed a critical detail Oh ghod this is rich.

Jul 23, 2002

We require the evolutionary failures do some atheists hate religion?

Jul 24, 2002

Count yourself lucky! Sick people out there

Jul 29, 2002

A treasure to science Amateur Psychology

Jul 30, 2002

Wrong, geekboy Shotgun Weddings

Aug 01, 2002

Stop the faggotry! America's public image

Aug 01, 2002

No, I'm 31. Shotgun Weddings

Aug 01, 2002

I declare JIHAD! I am scurred and confused

Aug 01, 2002

Oh, really? America's public image

Aug 07, 2002

You misspelled our name, troll! World Music Review: Ozomatli, `Embrace the Chaos'

Aug 07, 2002

I hate myself Who are we?

Aug 07, 2002

Request for Bid Sirs,

Aug 12, 2002

Accurate assessment of San Antonio Remember the Alamo!

Aug 12, 2002

buahah Confidential to Karel Jenczek

Aug 12, 2002

Good metaphore [Un]Interesting Information

Aug 12, 2002

1 4m 31333337!11!!!! Confidential to Karel Jenczek

Aug 13, 2002

ooo! Remember the Alamo!

Aug 14, 2002

Saying you're a satanist is so 80's Prosyletizing Long-Lost Friends

Aug 14, 2002

Plane from "Face/Off"? The merits of a Boeing Business Jet

Aug 15, 2002

idiot AlCoHoLiC Microsoft bloat and easter eggs?

Aug 20, 2002

A.D.I.D.A.S. The Perfect Career

Aug 23, 2002

mmmm juicy! My Online Buddies - WTF

Aug 25, 2002

I have a solution, sir! eSolutions Discovers His Own Anatomy

Aug 26, 2002

Re: Meow Allow me to introduce myself

Aug 26, 2002

Abstaining from penis size debates eSolutions Discovers His Own Anatomy

Aug 28, 2002

deer mistir linix Adequacy Interview With Linux Torvalds

Aug 29, 2002

bah! The Internet, Pornography, and Masturbation are destroying college students

Aug 29, 2002

Oh, and did I mention... I hate myself and I want to die

Aug 31, 2002

als I hate myself and I want to die

Aug 31, 2002

Why I am pro-Israel Criticism of Israel is the same as anti-Semitism

Sep 03, 2002

Gay Roomate My roommate is gay! My roommate is a drunk.

Sep 03, 2002

Fine Why we should make all guns illegal

Sep 03, 2002

Black Panthers On Becoming a Revolutionary

Sep 05, 2002

ad me too yur lits!!1!! The Tyranny of Makeup

Sep 06, 2002

LOLOLOLOLOL!!L!!!~`!!! The Tyranny of Makeup

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