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Sep 24, 2001

Be warned about the women Favourite race?

Sep 24, 2001

Yes! Well I'm Just a Modern Guy...

Sep 26, 2001

Aah, yes, I remember that now Who is that in the Diary icon?

Sep 27, 2001

Your poll needs a "None of the Above" en Mint Waltman Internet Ministry!

Sep 27, 2001

Ratings would be better... There's not enough meta-whining here.

Sep 27, 2001

You have the *right* to marital sex. I'm a teenager, and I want it bad!

Sep 27, 2001

Cue Abbott & Costello skit here. Who's Online?

Sep 29, 2001

Missing poll option The Funeral of Bin Laden

Sep 30, 2001

Why is Microsoft evil? Review: Linux Mandrake 8.1

Sep 30, 2001

You might want to think before you act. Review: Linux Mandrake 8.1

Sep 30, 2001

G**ks? Fuck the geeks.

Sep 30, 2001

For "intelligent" people, they sure act Fuck the geeks.

Oct 01, 2001

So... lab monkeys

Oct 02, 2001

Don't forget the BSDs Linux Linux Linux Part Two - Crossing the Linux Fault Threshold

Oct 03, 2001

Lennon "tribute" Aaack...

Oct 10, 2001

7/8 "South Side of the Sky"

Oct 11, 2001

Get rid of computers altogether. Enough already! Ban programming.

Oct 11, 2001

ahem Enough already! Ban programming.

Oct 11, 2001

Ludicrous licensing Enough already! Ban programming.

Oct 22, 2001

Nirvana ruined popular music Kill Yr Idols: Kurt Cobain

Oct 22, 2001

Foo fighters? Kill Yr Idols: Kurt Cobain

Oct 22, 2001

Nit-pick Peace Protestors

Oct 23, 2001

Acting and looking uneducated is cool Kill Yr Idols: Kurt Cobain

Oct 23, 2001

One word Turning Unix into Windows

Oct 23, 2001

I am disappointed, to say the least Wil Wheaton Moves Beyond Wesley To Internet Stardom

Oct 24, 2001

Earth to Alan Cox Alan Cox Is an Unprofessional Jerk

Oct 24, 2001

What's a slash-dot? Alan Cox Is an Unprofessional Jerk

Oct 26, 2001


Nov 22, 2001

You forgot one Favorite nearly (if not already) extinct language:

Nov 29, 2001

Actually, female orgasm does exist Uncle OSM's Guide to Covert Dating: Episode I

Nov 30, 2001

Wow. George Harrison is dead.

Nov 30, 2001

You have it backwards George Harrison Dead: The World Mourns

Dec 01, 2001

Editors, please delete this journal Women - The Myth of the Internet

Dec 01, 2001

Proven Women - The Myth of the Internet

Dec 02, 2001

Matrox cards are good, business-oriented graphics Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

Dec 07, 2001

If you're going to be a music geek... life lessons

Dec 08, 2001

Feh. Favorite Harry Potter book

Dec 12, 2001

Adequacy's the most commented weblog Adequacy Update

Feb 18, 2002

This is all your fault. Meta Nonsense

Mar 24, 2002

Blatant Plagiarism Alert

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