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 drugs, jazz, cancer, and really really stupid people

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Jul 17, 2001
Drugs and Jazz. Drugs and Cancer. Cancer and Really Painfully Stupid People. Is there a common trend? Yes. The word "and" is in all three things I named.



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Durgs. I do drugs for a living. Really. Chemicals make me happy. Drugs are a nice thing. I like drugs because you know what they are. You can look them up, you can read about their mechanism of action.

Herbal remedies suck. I swear that about 80% of them contain "ephedrine alkaloids". Damnit, methamphetamine is an ephedrine alkaloid. Not like you really need to be taking large, uncontrolled, impure doses of ephedrine anyway, unless you get a rush from running the risk of blowing up your heart. But what do I know?...

Jazz. I play jazz, but not for a living. I also play rock. And blues. And quasi-classical-esque bizzarro instrumental stuff. And actual classical (though I haven't for a while as I'm not curretnly in a wind ensemble). What does this matter? Had I not been a moron during college (this is an ironic statement, for those not paying attention), I'd be playing music professionally, at least at the regional level. No, this is not exaggeration, its because a band I could have been in but turned down is now playing at the regional level. Mind you, it is rock, and not jazz, but that doesn't matter. Am I sad / do I regret this? No, damnit, I do drugs for a living.

Cancer. Both my wife and son are Cancers. I, however, am a Virgo.

Cancer, the mutant cell disease, sucks.

Really painfully stupid people suck. They are like a cancer on the world around them. Ignorance is fine, you always have the opportunity to learn. But there is no excuse for stupid people. Bury 'em all.


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