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 The power of words

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Jul 18, 2001
Words are powerful. Words can convey thought, idea, concept, emotion, description...

Words can cause action.

Words can cause pain.

Words can be a complete and total waste of time.


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words suck

I hate long winded crap for the sake of being long winded. Get to the point.

words piss me off

Words, when used by someone with limited knowledge of the subject matter at hand, are wasted. Wasted words should infuriate you. Don't be bothered by people who waste words. Much like getting to the point, only here, if you don't know what the hell you're talking about, then shut the hell up.

words make me laugh

When used appropriately, humor is the most effective medium words can accomplish. It can disarm a potential disatorous situation. It can calm nerves. It can soothe tempers. It can make you think. It can make you release tension with a good, hearty chuckle.

words can move you

The right words, in the right order, by the right person can cause an amazing phenomenon: action. Nothing is more powerful than this. And nothing is harder to attain.

words. they're everywhere, in many different languages. its hard to get by without using them, because even guestures are simply unspoken words.


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