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armature man is:
no opalhawk 33%
no natalie portman 50%
no frosted mini wheats 16%

Votes: 6

 what the hell am i doing here?

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Jul 28, 2001

the moisture from the crumbling tree trunk penetrated the microscopic pores that latticed around armature man's metallic body. the process of oxidization had begun. armature man, unaware, sat in sadness, his only motion being the flickering cyan light emanating from his one eye. he rested his head on his hand, his elbow on his knee.


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the plasticene burlap landscape, a creamy dark orange-brown, seemed to melt in the immense heat. out of the uniformity of the ground rose large, twisted columns of tera cotta trees that reached into the deep orange sky. unidentifiable forms swam through the thick syrup of atmosphere, leaving thick ripples to slowly spread in their wake.

armature man rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. his movements caused eerie sounds to erupt from the sky - the warped sounds of a record being moved manually with the warble of a thin sheet of metal mixed in. the sounds spread out into imperceivable dimensions and echoed back, modified by incomprehensible processes into terrible screams.

all the wildlife in the area gathered in a circle, a safe distance away, to watch this strange man. he knew they were there, as their sounds made flashing diamond-shaped lights appear in the sky. the lights flickered gold, silver and purple then vanished at random, leaving fading streaks of light as residue in the sky.

armature man sighed and a spectrum of colored diamonds flashed in the sky. he wondered how he would ever get home.


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